5 of the most famous tarot card readers in the world

As much as we think about our physical health we often forget about our spiritual health. This is something I came to understand a few years ago when I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my life. Since then spirituality has become a cornerstone to everything that I do.

Though many people still question the existence of tarot cards, this psychic technique has been used since 1425. These cards were first used for playing games. Later on, it became related to mysticism and magic. The tarot cards were adopted by mystics and secret societies in the 18th and 19th centuries. Now, tarot card reading helps people in their decision making. It also helps to foresee their future. Tarot card readings Calgary has helped people to go on the right direction and take the right steps in their lives.

There are many tarot card readers and mediums in Calgary now who claim to be the best. But here is a list of five most famous tarot card readers of all times whose contribution in this field will never be forgotten.

1. Antoine Court de Gebelen (1725-84)
He was part of the secret society of occultists. He was influenced by Egyptian thought. He realized that the tarot cards which were used for playing had something significant to them. He saw many symbolisms in the card and could relate them to the Egyptian teachings. The members of the secret society put artwork and symbols in the cards. The writings that Gebelen put on the cards attributed to tarot cards.

2. Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand (1772 – 1843)
She was known for making predictions for Napoleon and Josephine. She is the most famous tarot card reader of all time. She gave advice on her tarot card reading to many famous people and leaders of the French revolution including Robespierre, Empress Josephine, Tsa Alexander I, and many. She worked as a professional psychic reader for more than 40 years.

3. Eliphas Levi (1810-1875)
He was a Catholic priest, teacher, and a writer. He has created the basis of some of the most famous tarot cards of today. Though he was Christian, he studied about other religions as well. He also studied astronomy, astrology, and metaphysics. He put down all he knew in the first tarot deck.

4. AE Waite (1857-1942)
He was also a member of the secret society of occultists. He rectified the cards and is seen as the accepted standard now. The cards were full of symbols and artwork. He used these cards to predict future.

5. Aleister Crowley (1875-1947)
He designed his tarot cards, and these became the bestseller. He was an occultist, magician, painter and a novelist. He founded the philosophy of Thelema. His contribution to Tarot cards will never be forgotten.

It is believed that Tarot reading has helped many people in various aspects of their lives. These tarot readers have influenced modern tarot readings and will always be remembered for their contribution.

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